SEDAN - Universal Car Window Visor

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Style: BMW 525

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SEDAN - Universal Car Window Visor

Great for all weather conditions, The window visors help improve ventilation inside and outside your car to reduce mirror and window fogging while increasing air circulation.

Edge Visors are precision made to fit your vehicle model and has been tested for strength, durability, shatter-resistance, road safety and car wash stability.

The 3D translucent design can block the sun. Meanwhile you can smoke in the car on rainy days. It can open the window to ventilate the room and reduce the probability of fogging the glass in rainy days.

The car side window deflectors are easy to install & remove. No drilling/cutting is required.




Product Name: Universal Car Window Visor
Material: High Quality ABS Plastic - Nickel Line
Color: Transparent black
Thickness: 3.8mm (0.38cm)
Fitment: SEDAN. (Depends on the car).
Package: 4x Window Visors (2 left + 2 right)