Ramadan Eid Hilal Shape Moon Tree

نرخی ئاسایی
نرخی فرۆشتن
نرخی ئاسایی
هه‌مووی فرۆشراوه‌
به‌های یه‌كه‌

Size: 180CM

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Ramadan Eid Hilal Shape Moon Tree

Fantastic choice for outdoor and indoor decoration perfect for our Islamic holiday, Ramadan and Eid or any kind of event or party.

High quality durable PVC material base that gives the tree high standing support. the metal stand Improves stability of the tree and easy to storage.



Product Name: Ramadan Eid Hilal Shape Moon Tree
Material: PVC Base + Metal Stand + Nylon 
Color: Black Stand + Green
Available Sizes: 180cm & 150cm (Length)
Package: Tree + Decoration Accessories Including Decor lamps
Power Source 3x AA Batteries




180CM - 9640000020793
150CM - 9640000020786