Platter Dish Set Ceramic Combination Tableware

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Platter Dish Set Ceramic Combination Tableware

Product Name Platter Dish Set Ceramic Combination Tableware
Plate Set Material: 1200 Degree heated Porcelain Clay (Ceramic)
Plate Pieces: 9 Pieces
Plate set Dimension: 62cm "Form Circle Shape"
Plate Size: 19.5cm (L) x 23cm (W) x 2.7cm (D)
Big Bowl Size: 21cm (W) x 10.3cm (D)


High quality anti wear, anti break ceramic material.

Highly temperature heated (1200 degree) Porcelain clay Material.

Can Be used in multiple ways, Separated or all fit together.

Offers Large capacity, Beautiful appearance and Modern Design.

Easy Usage and Multiple Fit design.

360-degree rotation of the tempered glass can be easily grasped according to your wishes, so that the items on the table can be easily moved and shared, creating a comfortable dining environment.

The tray has 10mm thick tempered glass, surface wear-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and odorless, smooth edges, collision safety, strong bearing capacity, and can be used for a long time.

The bottom of the tray designed with aluminum alloy anti-skid nails, the table and the base are firmly connected, quietly rotating and flexible, and the balanced load-bearing system can prevent your dishes from overturning, which is safer.

The glass edge of the tray is smooth and streamlined design, round and beautiful, delicate and smooth, safe to not hurt your hands when rotating, and children are not afraid of contact, and protect the safety of family members.

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