Multifunctional Cup-Shaped Car FM Transmitter

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FM Transmitter & Bluetooth Car Kit

Multifunctional car FM transmitter that can play MP3/WMA format music and charge various electronic devices.

It uses embedded high-performance Bluetooth module and MP3/WMA decoding chip. Audio playback can be achieved via USB drivers, TF and other electronic modes.

Bluetooth 4.2 version, crystal clear stereo, A2DP music playback, producing high-quality stereo.

FM transmitter lets you enjoy mobile phone music while driving, playing louder and clearer mobile phone navigation sound in car stereo.



Product Name: Bluetooth Car Kit & FM Transmitter MP3 Player Dual USB Charger LED Display
Material: ABS
Voltage: 12/24V
Amps Output 2A
Total Output Power 120W (except USB)
Working Condition: 0-60C
Relative Humidity: 5%-70%
Weight: 200g
Color: Black




Car FM Transmitter: Transmitting FM signal enables audio playback from cell phone, USB drive, TF and other musical resources via AUX in.

Dual Car Charging: Dual USB ports 5V/1.0A and 5V/2.1A to charge almost all kinds of electronic devices.

Activating hands-free phone operations: During audio playback, press a button once to answer an incoming call, press that button once again to hang up the call and press that button twice to call a phone number that you dialed last time.



High-clarity LCD display to monitor frequency.


Power-off memory to the music on cell phone, TF and USB drive, The audio playback restarts at where it ended last time.