Milesian Wooden Dining Chairs

نرخی ئاسایی
نرخی فرۆشتن
نرخی ئاسایی
هه‌مووی فرۆشراوه‌
به‌های یه‌كه‌

Style: IAN

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Milesian Indoor Wooden Dining Chairs

The good quality of our amazing chairs helps our wonderful customers to get relaxation.


Simple and comfortable, the fashion style is suitable for a variety of scenes, and the style is suitable for any room.


ZAN Wood chairs, with Fabric-covered foam Cushions, offers comfortable seating.



Chair Frame: ZAN Wood

Chair Cushions: Foam Covered with Fabric


Chair Style

- Finn
Off-White Chair + Wooden Legs
SKU: 9640000017373


- Dylan
Off-White Chair + Wooden Legs
SKU: 9640000017458


Off-White Chair + Wooden Legs
SKU: 9640000017427


- Louis
Off-White Chair + Black Legs
SKU: 9640000017403