Inflatable Camping Air Bed

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Size: Small -188cm

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Inflatable Camping Air Bed

Inflatable Camping Airbed can be described as the perfect airbed due to its high quality material and durability.

It has been specially designed to bring you comfort, whether you are indoors or outdoors and its high quality and it can withstand almost anything.

Another benefit to this airbed is that it easily inflates/deflates without the need of electricity due to the built in pump!

This item has been shown to support up to 150Kg whilst maintaining its shape.


Dimensions: 188cm x 99cm x 28cm (single airbed size)

Built in pillow

Built in foot pump

Heavy duty repair patch included



- Inflatable Bed: Upper Soft Matte Material

- Inflatable Pillow: high-quality PVC material


Flocked surface and coil beam structure

Quick deflation due to built-in screw valve



- Deep Blue






Small Size:


Large Size:

Pillow Size:


- Small Size:

CC-134 188*99*22


- Large Size:

CC-134 191*137*22