FD037 Decorative Hanging/Floor Candle Lantern

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FD037 Decorative Hanging/Floor Candle Lantern

Decorative Hanging/Floor Candle Lantern is an excellent addition to your home decoration, adding a unique feeling and warm atmosphere.

This candle holder rope gives the lantern an elegant look, which you can hang it to any place you like or even leave it on the floor.

The Candle Lantern gives a classic and retro design, the Candle Lantern is perfectly compatible with any decoration in your house, and can be places in any living areas, including living room, office and children bedroom.



Product Name: FD037 Decorative Hanging/Floor Candle Lantern
Material: Metal + Glass
Color: As Shown
Size: Height (Handle Included): 25cm
Height (Handle Excluded): 18cm
Bottom Width: 5cm x 5xm
Top Width: 10cm x 10cm






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Code: FD037