Classic Chair and Table Dining Set

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نرخی فرۆشتن
نرخی ئاسایی
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Style: Table Only

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Classic Chair and Table Dining Set

- High Quality Chair and Table with Modern Design.

- Rigid and Sturdy Table Dining Set.

- Table able to fold (Two Different Sizes)



Table Stand: Wood

Chair Cushion: Sponge Covered with Fabric

Table Surface Material: Wood Covered with Fiberglass.



Chair Cushions: Black

Table and Chair Legs: Black.

Consist of

- Table (Rectangle).

- 6x Chairs.



Height: 80cm

Width: 78cm

Two Styles of Lengthening:
When Lengthen: 160cm
When Shorten: 130cm


Shipping Information:

- The Set will Come Unfolded.


Made In Turkey