Camping Swing Hammock Chair

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Outdoor Camping Swing Hammock Chair


Suitable for park, seaside, forest, courtyard or any other place that you could hang it. It is perfect for 1 adult or 2 children to relax and comfortably.


Soft, sturdy chair is made of soft polyester/cotton. With two additional cushions that makes you feel more comfortable.


It can be folded into a compact size and has its own drawstring so you can take it wherever you want.

The binding ropes at both ends of the hammock are made of nylon, tightly braided and fixed, which greatly increases the load bearing coefficient. And it is made of 18 strands of traction rope.


Product Name: Outdoor Camping Swing Hammock Chair
Material: Cotton
Color: Off-White
Package Weight: 3Kg
Size: 150cm x 120cm
Loading Capacity: 150Kg




SKU: 9640000021585
Code: NO74 52-56