A6 Smart Sensor Car Wireless Charger

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A6 Smart Sensor Car Wireless Charger

This product is a fully automatic car inductive wireless charger phone holder, installed on the car air conditioner vent and the angle can be freely adjusted, it will not affect the air conditioning air conditioner, suitable for all models of mobile phone.

Easy Operation: Very easy to operate, when you touch the back sensing area, the holder's clip arm will automatically open and when you close to the holder's smart sensor area, the holder's clip arm will automatically adjust to the size of your phone, at the same time automatically senses and charges.

Pure electric construction, silent design, responsive The universal rotating ball head design can be adjusted to any angle, more convenient to operate, supports mobile phone landscape and portrait viewing mode.

Lightweight and high strength aluminum alloy + ABS material throughout the bracket, reducing weight makes it more environmentally friendly and durable. Intelligent open and close lock with electricity, keep your phone firmly in place, no need to worry about road steps or phone falling off. High quality coil, more sensitive induction, support 10W rapid charging. 

You can keep open or close the stand after the charging wire has been removed which means the stand is rechargable as well.

All parts that come in contact with the smartphone are covered with a highly active soft rubber pad, which not only protects the smartphone itself, but also prevents the smartphone from slipping more effectively. Intelligent charging protection function, can effectively protect the battery of your phone. In addition, it supports both wireless charging and magnetic charging modes, and it is equipped with a magnetic plug for your smartphone, so you don't have to worry about the smartphone holder cannot be used without the wireless charging function.



Product Name: A6 Smart Sensor Car Wireless Charger
Material: ABS + Rubber + Aluminum
Charging Interface: Type C - USB
Rated Itput: DC 5V - 2A  / DC 9V - 1.67A
Magnatic Charger head: 3x Heads
Color: Black
Power: 15W/ 10W/ 7.5W
Rotation: 360 Degree
Weight: 123.8g













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