A147 Round Multi-Purpose Serving Tray

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A147 Round Multi-Purpose Serving Tray

Decorative fruit tray can be used as either a fruit bowl or centerpiece. Large capacity allows you to store all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

Serving tray is made of PET material. PET material is characterized by high hardness, wear resistance, food safe and is easy to clean. After use, the tray can be dried with a rag or washed directly under the tap.

Suitable for serve food and drinks, breakfast in bed, store and organize all of your daily essential items, such as keys, daily mail, perfume & cologne, makeup, place on bathroom vanity, store hand soap, toiletries and hand towels. Gold exterior design can also become an ornament in the home.



Product Name: A147 Round Multi-Purpose Serving Tray
Material: PET
Color: Transparent
Size: (Top Round): 36cm (Diameter) x 12cm (Depth)






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Code: A147