8-10 Person Garden Clear Camping Tent

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8-10 Person Outdoor Garden Clear Camping Ten

The bubble tent is made of transparent TPU material, which provides a clear 360° viewing angle. The thickened TPU screen provides excellent sun protection, warmth and wind protection, creating a warm and comfortable outdoor space for you and your family.

The geodesic shape of the dome gives it the strongest design to withstand strong winds (up to 31 mph) or heavy snowfall (up to 90 lbs.). The included plastic spikes and metal clips ensure solid stability.

The multi-surface dome has two roll-up windows with tie-downs for increased air circulation and fresh air at all times. The zip door can be sealed shut for easy access, demarcating from others in public or private spaces.

Can comfortably accommodate 8-10 adults. The dome shape keeps the air circulating better than a traditionally shaped room, heats up faster and ensures a consistent room temperature.



Product Name: 8-10 Person Garden Clear Camping Tent
Material: TPU & Metal
Item Weight: 28Kg
Available Colors: Transparent
Size: Diameter: 3.65m
Height: 2.2m






SKU: 9640000021431
Code: NO74-45