6L Electric USB Charging Sprayer

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6L Electric USB Charging Sprayer

This garden sprayer has a one-touch spray on/off switch for automatic spraying, which saves time and reduces the workload in the hot outdoors.

The lawn sprayer handle has a built-in 2000 mAh lithium battery, which can be charged using the common type -C charging port.

Can spray continuously for two to three hours after one charge. The retractable spray bar can be adjusted up to 78 centimeters.

It has a variety of water flow modes which you can easily make it spray hard to reach places.

This product is useful for outdoor/indoor use, not only spraying plants garden watering but can also be used for cleaning cars, give pets a bath, home cleaning and so many more uses.

Can be used to spray pesticides and disinfectants, but you must wash it immediatly after use. (Do not use strong corrosive liquids such as paint)

Please do not use it for hot liquids, the liquid temperature that is used must be lower than 40 Degree.



Product Name: 6L Electric USB Charging Sprayer
Material: ABS & HDPE and Metal
Item Weight: 1.7Kg
Color: Green
Capacity: 6L
Battery Type: Lithium
Charging Method: Type-C Cable
Charging Time: 3 Hours (Full Charge)
Working Time: 2-3 Hours (Continuously)










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Code: SE1007