12L Portable Fuel Gas Oil Storage Can

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12L Portable Fuel Gas Oil Storage Can

Super Tough Engineering fuel tank made of high-density polyethylene, which is durable, impact-resistant, compared to traditional fuel packs, it have lighter weight and stronger security, seamless barrel body, will not leak.

Two Modes of Sealing and Venting. There are two designs of fuel tank cap, which can be sealed or vented, and the metal nut can be vented and safe to use (High-quality spring designed for deflation, Unscrew the yellow metal nut to release the air in the fuel tank. Tighten the yellow metal nut and the oil tank is airtight), which helps to form a smooth fuel flow, thereby minimizing leakage.

Oil Volume Indicator, Helps you to clearly understand the changes in the oil tank and the remaining oil volume and replenish it in time. A filter is built into the air inlet of the fuel tank to ensure clean fuel.

Ergonomic, easy to carry and store, rust-proof, durable, beautiful, easy-to-use handle design, light and portable, easy to place and carry.

Universal fit for all vehicles like car, SUV, truck, and pickups.


Product Name: 12L Universal Fuel Gas Storage Tank
Material: Plastic, Metal, Polyethylene (PE)
Item Weight: 4 Kg
Color: Red
Capacity: 12 liters


- Height: 46cm
- Length: 32cm
- Width: 26cm



SKU: 9640000021684
Code: LD-YG-P12