150L Heavy Duty Otdoor Camping Cart

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Heavy Duty Otdoor Camping Cart

Lightweight and Rigid in texture, with easy washing and quick drying fabric material type, soft in feel and excellent waterproof performance meanwhile anti-scratch.

This outdoor foldable truck has a 150L large capacity internal storage space, and a heavy-duty frame with fixed screws can load up to 150Kgs.

It can be used to transport anything that you need. Easy to fold and store, set in 3 seconds, no assembly required.

This multi-purpose cart features four tires with diameter of 18cm with 180 ° rotation, which can be widely used. This cart comes with brakes to lock movement and has an adjustable handle can be fixed to your preferred length.



Product Name: 150L Heavy Duty Otdoor Camping Cart
Material: Alloy Steel
Item Weight: 10.5Kg
Color: Black
Capacity: 150L





SKU: 9640000021974
Code: C-P-C