100W Folding Solar Charger Panels

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100W Folding Solar Charger Panels

100W Folding Solar Charger Panels is lightweight, Made with waterproof material.

It can convert solar energy into electrical energy and transmit directly to electronic charging device.

It supports mobile phones, GPS. etc. Use a USB charging appliance. This product is suitable for trekking, camping or any condition that require power supply.

This solar charger is user-friendly designed with flexible solar cells. It has small size and can be easily put in car, backpack, tents, etc. to supply low-cost renewable energy immediately.



- USB output Features: Support most mobile phones and pads such as iPhone, Honor, Mate, Samsung, Vivo, HUAWEI. Support for power bank, USB fans and other USB charging device.

- Built-in voltage regulator system, the output is more stable.

- With MPPT function, charger is low-loss dual voltage output.

- User-friendly designed mounting holes for easy hanging on bicycle, vehicle, backpack, tent, etc.

- The light sensitivity is so high, devices like power bank can also be charged even in cloudy days.


How to Use

- Expand solar charger under sunlight.

- Wait about 5 seconds until the light is on.

- Connect the cable to device.

- Check the device charge state. If charging is not stable, try to adjust the charger's position to direct sunlight.



Product Name: 100W Folding Solar Charger Panels
Power: 100W
Voltage: 12V
Efficiency: 20.0%~22.1%
DC interface: 18V/5.55A
Solar Cells Material: High-efficiency Mono-crystalline Silicon
Unfolded (Size): 158cm x 42cm
Weight: 1.8Kg