VIP-12 Multifunctional Camping Lamp

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110W Outdoor Multifunctional Camping Light VIP-12 

- High quality multifunction Camping Lamp.

- Multiple modes light, Party Light With Flashing, Normal Mode With Extreme Bright Light.

- Multifunctional Tripod stand with adjustable height.



Product Name: VIP-12 Multifunctional Camping Lamp
Brand Name: Toby's
Model No. VIP-12
Material: Alloy Steel
Wattage: 50W
COB LED No.: 3 elongated COB LEDs 
Lumen: 500LM-5000LM lumens
Beam Angle(°): 360°
Light Source: LED
Weight: 2.34 Kg
battery: 4000mah
Charging Time: 6 Hours
Switch Mode: Low, Middle, High
Working time: 5 hours
Max Using Time: 8.5 Hours 
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Operating Temperature: -40°F - 176°F (-40°C - -80°C)
DC Cable Length: 4.5 Meter
IP Rating: IP67 (resistant to water splashes from any direction)
Color temperature: 6500K/4000K
Lamp Beads: One Lamp contain 24 Lamp Beads
Lamp Body Material: Aluminum
Power Supply: Battery
Control Mode: Touch Control, Switch Control



- Free to lift and shrink.

- Power supply is convenient, use Battery or Car Battery.

- Simple and fashionable design, light weight, good handle, hard material, small size, easy to carry.

- Suitable for live photography, lighting, self-driving travel, desert, mountain, grassland, beach camping, Wild barbecue party, night fishing, fishing, farm lighting, first aid lighting, car repair, mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor activities.


- The positive and negative poles shall not be connected reversely.

- The red clip shall be connected to the positive pole and the black clip shall be connected to the negative pole.

- The light panel will become hot after prolonged use.

- Never point the light beam directly into the eyes of another person or animal.




Camping LED Light: 200 x 53cm

Lamp Size: 17 x 6 c



1. Centre column twist locks.

2. Leg release button.

3. LED light panels

4. USB-C charging port

5. ON/OFF/Brightness button.

6. Color temperature button

7. Charge indicator LEDs.

8. Hanging hook.

9. Magnets

10. Tripod attachment socket.



- 1x Main Cable

- 1x Car Cigarette Lighter Cable

- 1x Battery Clip

- 1x Home Charger

- 1x Soft Bag

- 1x Camping LED Bottom with Hook and Magnet.

- 1x Interchangeable Connectors.

- 1x Stable tripod



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