Vehicle Hanging Mini-Garbage Trach Can

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Portable Car Trash Can Hanging Vehicle Garbage Bin

Keep Clean:

With the high quality car trash can, litter on your car floor will be a thing of the past! Candy wrappers, snack containers, juice bottles, soda cans, etc. will now have their own place in our elegant vehicle trash can.

Just throw a plastic bag in the can, throw your trash in as you go about your day, and throw it all away when you get home, or throw it in the trash can at the gas station.

Large Capacity:

Extra large yet fits neatly in most vehicles. It will serve you well on long family road trips, so keeping your car or truck clean while enjoying family time on the road will not involve a lot of clean up when you arrive at your destination.

Easy to Clean:

Super easy to clean, just run it under water and let it dry.

Easy to Install: 

Comes with removable hooks for securing! can be placed in different parts of vehicle 



Material: ABS plastic

Color: black



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