Toyota Land Cruiser 2012-2020 3D Car Mat

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  • Toyota Land Cruiser Leather and Frieze 3D Car Mat.
  • Designed in a way that protects you car from being dirty.
  • Available for Land cruiser Models 2012,2013.....,2020.
  • Consist of two Layers, bottom layer made of Film material that covered with rigid leather with three sided diamond sew.
  • With Brown color.
  • Also with Name and logo of Toyota embroidered on it.
  • Top Layer frieze type material that is extremely protective against dust, that uptakes all dirt on it.
  • This type of car mat designed in a way that covers all under parts of your car as it contain complete edges in order to last as possible as less gaps.
  • During cleaning up your car, there is no need to pick out all parts of the mat, only the upper frieze part can be taken as it stored all dirt on it.



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