TBS-9S Air Compressor With Power Bank

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TBS-9S Air Compressor With Power Bank 

Product Name:
TBS-9S Air Compressor With Power Bank 
16.5 x 7.9 x 4 cm
USB Output:
5V 2A
Charging Mode:
CC/CV 12V 1A
Start Current:
Peak Current:
Cycle Life:
3000 Times
Application Temperature Range:


Operation Instructions:

- Before start the car, please make sure the host minimum 2pcs LED indicated light on, then connect the blue plug fully seated into the host socket, and confirm the Cable Indicator is off.

- Connect the Red clip to the positive (+) battery terminal, Black clip to the negative (-) battery terminal.

- Start the vehicle.

- When the vehicles starts, please make sure pull up the clamp cable from power bank and then from the car battery terminals.

- Please do not connect the red and black clip to the vehicle battery terminals within 30s.


Intelligent Jumper Cable Special Instructions

Operate following the instruction of the Cable Indicator

- Light on: mean that the connection is correct and the circuit is work, you can turn on the engine.

- Light off: means wrongly connection of positive and negative to the car battery terminals, the host won't open and work, please check and make sure connect correctly.

- Light quick blinking: means short circuit. the light will off soon, please check and connect again.

- Light slow blinking: means battery is under protected from overcharge, the relay is cut off to protect the product. Especially after start successfully. if not pull up the clamp, the light will blink slowly. if want to start again, please according to the first instruction.

- After start the car and pull up the clamp cable, please wait for 30s if want to try again to connect the black and red clamp.


Detailed Fittings of Product




Product Parts


 1.   LED illumination light
 2.  19V voltage output indicator light
 3.  16V voltage output indicator light
 4.  12V voltage output indicator light
 5.  12/16/19V-2A/3.5A/3.5A outlet
 6.  Electric quantity indicator light
 7.  Key switch
 8.  USB 5A 2A outlet
 9.  12V=1A charge inlet
10.  Master switch
11.  12V=300A auto start outlet
12.  Blade
13.  Emergency hammer

Air Compressor

This machine limit is used in the power source of 12V of direct current that product ‚continuous gassing time must not exceed 8 minutes.
Suitable for small cars, electric cars, kayaking, cycling and balls inflatable products.

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