RGB Sound Control Rhythm Light

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Sound Activated Music Lights Tube

RGB Sound Control Rhythm Light: The led strip light changes with any type of music, Sound, or any other taps close to the Tube.

40 LED Light Beads, Also with 32-bit ARM processor, 18 color modes available.



Product Name: RGB Sound Control Rhythm Light
Number of LEDs: 40
Display modes: 8
Adjustable brightness Levels: 4
Adjustable Speed Levels: 5
Adjustable Color Modes 18
Weight: 135g
Input Voltage DC 5V/1A




Multi-Mode Colors.

Voice Control recognition.

Can be connected to Mobile for adjusting modes.

Contain stickers that you can stick it to whatever(Wherever) you want.




How to Use

Button Control Design

Power button, Speed Mode button:

Short Press, when the led strip flashes White - then you can choose Mode

Long Press, the led light strip turns red - then choose 1 of 5 Speed Levels.

Color Bright button:

Short press, when the party light flashes white - then you can select color.

Long press, when the RGB light flashes green -then you can adjust 4 brightness.





Height: 22.5cm
Width: 2.5cm
Length: 1.86cm



  • Don't connect the Power input OVER 5V,otherwise the board may be damaged
  • Don't immerse in-water, or use under the condition of humidity higher than 90%
  • Don't use any solvents of liquids to wipe the screen except absolute alcohol.
  • Don't Give children younger than 6 years old.




- 1x Activate Light Tube.
- 1x Charging Cable (Type C).
- 4x Stickers.

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