Micro Automatic Electric Sprayer

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Micro Automatic Electric Sprayer



Product Name: Micro Automatic Electric Sprayer
Material: ABS
Working Method: Rechargable Micro water Pump
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh / 3.87V
Charge: Micro USB Charger
Color: White






Long press the ON/OFF button to turn on the sprayer and one short press to stop it. To turn off the sprayer please press the ON/OFF button It or would turn off itself if left alone for a few minutes.

The lights on the sprayer head indicate how much power remains.
It takes 3-4 hours from 0% battery to fully charged.

Please charge with USB.




  • Do not soak the product in water, or run under water.
  • Do not use the product with any type of viscous liquid (such as paint).
  • Do not place the product near heat or fire to avoid damaging the product.
  • Do not use the product when charging.
  • Do not place product upside down when tank contains any product.



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