Foldable Outdoor Grill Barbecue Stove

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Foldable Outdoor Grill Barbecue Stove

Outdoor barbecue rack is easy to assemble and is very suitable for barbecue parties.

Rust steel Rack with stainless steel mesh evenly distributes heat. It excellent thermal insulation, which helps to inject more flavor into the food.

Non sticky, high temperature resistant, uniform heat conduction, making barbecue food more delicious and healthy.

Foldable, lightweight, easy to install and remove, and easy to clean.

Pull the carbon tank, easy to add charcoal, and easy to disassemble.



Product Name: Foldable Outdoor Grill Barbecue Stove
Material: Iron Rack & Stainless Steel Mesh
Item Weight: 2.5Kg
Color: Black
Size: 68cm (L) x 20cm (W) x 46cm (H)






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