ELiX - Car Paper Air Perfume

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Scent: Vanilla

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ELiX - Car Paper Air Perfume

Car paper air perfume and fresheners are well known for bringing lovely perfumes to cars, homes and alike. What’s new it’s their ability to evaporate composition gradually, releasing the fragrance slower and longer.


Fragrance: best choice of pure aroma made as fragrance blend – mixture of Natural and Synthetic Fragrances. It’s the best way to create symphony of scents. Good for home and car air fresheners.

Paints: The printing inks are based on natural vegetable oils, do not contain cobalt in their recipe.

Wood free paper repeatedly and coated on both sides, with a highly glossy surface. The raw material  is FSC-certified and PEFC-certified, which ensures care for ecology.

Available with Eight Different Scent Perfumes

- Vanilla
- Cherry
- Bubble Gum
- Gentle Man
- Angel
- Arctic Ice
- New Car
- Lemon



Made in Poland