Car Emergency Tire Ladder - Tire Skid Plate

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Car Emergency Tire Ladder - Tire Skid Plate

Universal Car Tire Traction Skid Pad - Made of PP material, high strength and toughness, corrosion, heat, cold and pressure resistant without deformation.

Can support vehicles weighing up to 10 tons. And provides extra stability!

Wrench body and bottom with multiple nail heads, three grooves design in the middle, and ramp cam pattern on both sides for anti-skid, can effectively prevent wheel idling and provide stronger traction, vehicle tire skid plate can provide maximum emergency grip to prevent tires from skidding in snow, mud puddle, ice, sand, or any loose terrain!

Carrying handles are designed to be easier to hold, and are easy to store that can be mounted to the as an car accessory kit or stored in the trunk of your car.



Product Name: Car Emergency Tire Ladder - Tire Skid Plate
Material: PP Plastic Material
Bearing Capacity: 10 Tons
Color: Green
Size: 105cm x 30cm x 6cm