7 Piece Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set

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7 Piece Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set

Great pantry organization helper

The food storage containers will make your pantry neat and organized. As the cereal containers are made by clear plastic, you can identify the contents without opening them.

Airtight & Space-Saving Design

Airtight design isolates air keeping the food dry & fresh by preventing food from the moisture and bacteria. Containers keep cabinets organized with a modular shape for easy stacking and storing.

BPA-Free & Same size lids

Made of high quality BPA-free material, They are non-toxic and odorless.
Safe material for easy storage of children's food. different size for each jar make it more requirable and can be used universally.

Useful Combination of 7Different Containers

1 Tall Container (1.9L)
2 Medium Containers (1.2L).
2 Small Containers (0.8L)
2 Smaller Containers (0.5L)
Multiple shapes maximize space-efficiency! Great for flour, cereals, seeds, nuts, snacks, dried fruits, spaghetti, sugar, rice, grains, candy, cookies, pasta.

It also contain 8 label stickers  and white pen.



- %100 Leak Proof.

- Completely Air-Tight

- Easily Stackable

- Temperature range between 32-158F degree.

- BPA-Free

- Dishwasher Safe.



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