50A Portable Power Station Station

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50A Portable Power Station Station

Product Name:
50A Portable Power Station Station
Model NO.
Battery Sizes:
19.7 x 17.5 x 16.5 cm
Power Inverter:
500 W
Battery Type: 
Lead- Acid Battery
Battery Capacity:


General Features

Length: 19.7cm  Width: 16.5cm  Height: 16.2cm 
Total Height: 17.5cm
Approx. Weight:
Capacity (10h Rate)
50.2 Ah
Capacity (5h Rate)
48.1 Ah
Capacity (3h Rate)
46.4 Ah
Capacity (1h Rate) 40 Ah





Please follow basic precautions including:

- Please read all instructions before using product.

- Please supervision your children when use product.

- Please take off the power plug while no using.

- Do not disassemble, repair or modify the products to avoid fire, expose or electronic-shock risk.

- Do not use damaged wires, plugs or cable to avoid electronic-shock risk.

- Please place the product in a ventilated and dry place to avoid electric shock by getting water.

- Do not place the product close to or in a fire or expose it to heat. It may lead to fire/explode accident.

- Do not use or place the product under high temperature (in hot sunlight or in hot car), otherwise it may cause battery overheat, fire, function failure, shorten lifespan or other risks.

- Take off the plug in time when product is fully charged to avoid possible accidents.




Led Lamp

- 3000 Hour Lifespan 

- Compound: NoHg

- Instant Bright

- Not suitable for outdoor (keep dry)

- White Color

- %90 energy saving

- 12C DC 

- Power: 3 Watt