21L Portable Camping Water Container

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21L Portable Camping Water Container

Made of sturdy and durable PE plastic materials, this water container is thick and well-made with a solid structure. It is also made of food-grade material and BPA-free, ensuring that the taste of your water or drink won't be affected.

The water container has a unique spigot that allows you to control the flow rate of your drink and prevent spills. It also comes with an extension water pipe.

In order to facilitate cleaning and water intake, the mouth of our water storage container is large. You can easily reach into the bucket to clean the water storage container. Thickened barrel wall is anti slip, scratch resistant, impact and corrosion resistant, sturdy and durable.

The space-saving design of the portable water tank can be easily stored, and can be used repeatedly for a long time. it is durable and not easy to be damaged or break.



Product Name: 21L Portable Camping Water Container
Material: PE plastic BPA-free
Item Weight: 1.9Kg
Color: Orange
Capacity: 21L






SKU: 9640000021875
Code: 21L W-T-21