20L Prorable Metal Gasoline Can

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20L Prorable Metal Gasoline Can

Made of high-quality cold-rolled metal plate, thick aluminum alloy cover, safe and pressure resistant, explosion-proof and durable.

It has the functions of light weight, strong safety, seamless body, no leakage, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet rays.

The aluminum head has a built-in oil guide tube with a filter screen, which can effectively filter out more obvious impurities and foreign bodies.

Large capacity three-chamber handle, can support 2 people to hold at the same time.



Product Name: 20L Prorable Metal Gasoline Tank
Material: Material & Alluminum
Item Weight: 1.1Kg
Color: Red
Capacity: 20L






SKU: 9640000021653
Code: LD-YG-W20