1000W Solar Street Lamp - 6S

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1000W Solar Street Lamp Without Electricity

Product Name:
1000W Solar Street Lamp Without electricity
Bearing Angle:
120 Beaming Angle
Color Temperature:
Long Life:
50000h (LED)
Number of LEDs 648
Input Power:
IP Rate:
4.1 Kg



Important Notice

- Do not connect the light with the solar pane! of more than 6 volts in order to protect the light.

- Do not plug the light in a 220 volts alternating current power supply.

- Please make sure that the light and the solar panel have been tightly fixed to avoid accidents in windy days.

- Do not take the light apart for a good warranty afterwards.

- Please clean the surface of the solar panel every three months to guarantee illumination of the light.

- Please check if the wire has come off or been broken.

- Please recycle batteries of the solar panel because they can be used again after being processed.

- The light can work over 12 hours only after the battery is fully charged.


Installation instruction

1. Examination before the installation

Connect the lamp to the solar panel.

The light can be turned on(off) when u press the button "on" (off) on a remote controller in front of the light at a distance of more than 5 meters.

The remote controller must be used right before the light receiving head at a distance ranging from 8 to 15 meters or it can't work normally.

2. Installation requirements

Fix the solar panel and the u-shaped frame with butterfly nuts and 6 millimeters screws firstly.

The solar panel is required to face 5 to 10 degrees
west of south with a horizontal angle of 30 (45) degrees in the south (north).

Fix the solar panel with two expansion screws.

3. The solar panel should not be blocked by buildings or trees to be guaranteed a long time sunshine.

It cannot be fixed under glasses or indoors. Only in proper and scientific ways can the solar panel be charged efficiently.

4. Installation of lights

Fix the solar lamp on the wall with two expansion screws.

The light angle can be adjusted according to your need.


5. Connect the male head plug with the female one and tighten the waterproof nut to finish the installation.

6. Post-installation inspection

Check if the light and and the solar panel have been fixed tightly.

Check the switch with remote controller.


Remote Control






- 1x Solar Lamp
- Required Pipes
- Installation Screws
- Remote Control
- 2x Batteries


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