1.4L Electric Automatic Watering Pesticide Sprayer

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1.4L Electric Automatic Watering Pesticide Sprayer

The watering can is different from traditional manual garden sprayers. Just press the switch button and the canal automatically sprays water to relieve finger fatigue. The watering can automatically be removed using 4 AA batteries (not included).

1400ml water spray bottle, visual design. Made of ABS material that is acid and alkaline resistant. Nozzle adopts pure antioxidant copper.

The handle is made of wood, smooth surface which is comfortable and will not hurt your hands.

Garden sprinkler pipe is made of aluminum alloy with a length of 12cm and uses a telescopic design that allows vertical adjustment.

Simply rotate the needle nozzle left and right with your fingertips. The water supply port has two ways, a fine water mist and a column type that can be rotated as needed.



Product Name: 1.4L Electric Automatic Watering Pesticide Sprayer
Material: ABS & Wood & HDPE and Aluminum
Item Weight: 880g
Color: White and Grey
Capacity: 1.4L
Power Source: 4 AA Batteries






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Code: SE1003