Camping Multi-Functional Fit-in Axe

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Camping Multi-Functional Fit-in Axe 

High strength Camping Multi-Functional Fit-in Axe, with excellent hardness and Rigidity.


The surface is treated with wrinkle paint, which enhances its durability.


The combination of axe and hammer provides powerful cutting and striking ability, with a cutting knife placed in the handle to enhance the product's applicability.


Safe plastic hatchet was applied for protection to avoid accidental injury and it is easy to carry.


Handle is made of nylon fiber. It is durable and non-slip.


The hatchet is fitted with a magnesium blaster and a survival whistle, and the lower end of the hatchet has a sharp rope-cutter opening for emergencies.


suitable for any outdoor activities. Its high-quality axe-blade design can meet the needs of gardens, farms, cutting small trees and so on.





Product Name: Camping Multi-Functional Fit-in Axe
Handle Material: Plastic PP Material
Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless steel
Weight: 835g
:Size 36cm x 14cm





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