Bakery Dough Roller Maker Machine

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Bakery Dough Roller Maker Machine

It can evenly divide the dough into small dough of equal size and the function of rounding can save time for you.

The structure is rigorous and durable.

The Plate is divided into 30 pieces of dough Pore with uniform size and equal weight in a few seconds, so as to save time and effort and improve the efficiency.

It is an indispensable helper in your bakery.



Product Name:

Semi-Automatic dividing and rounding dough machine

Place of Origin:

Guangdong, China


380 V


750 W


50 Hz


340 Kg

Production Capacity:

36 Pcs/Time


1 Year



Product Features

- The machine has small volume, small floor area and space saving.

- Fast rounding, good effect, time and labor saving.

- It takes about 6-10 seconds to round the grain, which is of short time and high efficiency.

- The size of dough can be divided into certain weight according to the need, which can be adjusted from 30g to 100g.

- The machine parts are processed by CNC machine tools, with high precision and excellent equipment performance.

- Safety and hygiene.